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Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling (MCouns&PsychTh), Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Arts (BA), University of Tasmania

Professional Associations

Psychotherapy and Counselling Association of Australia (PACFA)


Working With Children Check (WWCC)

National Police Check (NPC)





Feeling heard by someone who is genuinely interested in our life is what makes us feel seen and enables us to be vulnerable. And feeling truly seen enables us to live authentic to who we are as unique individuals. I have come to appreciate that no matter how complex we are as human beings, our needs are invariably the same. The unexpressed primary feelings we collectively hold are: Am I understood? Am I loved? Am I needed?

Sometimes it can be difficult to formulate a language around our deepest fears, traumas, hurts and needs, especially when we're not in touch with certain parts of ourselves. You can think of me as an emotional translator, helping you to see where you've come from and to help express what needs to come out. I hold space for you to tell your story in a non-judgmental space. Healing occurs when we sit with a non-anxious presence who is deeply listening, not only to our words, but to every aspect of who we are. A good therapist somehow makes you feel like you’re home.

Becoming a therapist was a journey of homecoming for me, a recognition of what I have always been moved by; people's stories. I am here to listen to your story with you and to edit the parts that you want to change. Whether it be in relationships, work or any other aspect of your life that you feel isn't flowing in the direction you'd like it to.

I believe my most important credential is that I am a card-carrying member of the human race; I am also a qualified psychotherapist and counsellor.

Sylvia Reddington PACFA Provisional Reg: 27046